Once the Internet got established back in the 1990’s, it was just a matter of time until people thought about ways to make money. Big companies and smart engineers figured out a way to bring casinos to the Internet. They knew that if people had a way, they would jump all over it. We’ve seen the beginning of the online casino and we see where it is today. It was definitely a grey area for many years and eventually banned or prohibited in some areas. Please make sure you checke with your laws in your jurisdiction.

As the Internet progressed so did the technology. 100’s of casinos started to pop up, whether they were regulated or not. This is where we will try and help you decipher. It’s sometime best to stick with what you know than what you don’t know. Sites, like 888.com and PartyCasino have been around for almost 20 years now. That is a longtime in this business. Stick with the secure sites and you will be a lot happier. Some of the newer sites are also just as good, but you have to know which are the best for you.

We created this site for entertainment purposes and hope you see it that way when you visit. We cover all the different casino slots, sites, and software providers. We also created a tracker to show you results based on how we did playing each game. Keep in mind, this was done on a free scale, so if you think results may be different than real money, you must take that into consideration. We were told that real money and demo games play the same way and the outcome on spins should not be any different.

If at anytime you have some questions about the site, game or anything else please ask below.

Always remember the risks of gambling online or in a live casino. This is very important. If you feel you are at risk in any fashion, please seek professional help.

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