If you’re looking for a game that will stir up many memories for you slot fans, Book of Ra is definitely one of them. This slot game was one of the very firsts introduced in casinos and places around the world and is still at the top of the preferences for many enthusiastic players. More importantly, it is now available to be played online, which makes it much easier for everyone to just enjoy from the comfort of their homes. With an attractive theme inspired by the mysterious Egyptian world and irresistible free turns, this games will forever stay a favorite!

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As with any slot game, especially the online kind, if you’re planning to make real money out of it, the best strategy is to first try your luck with the free money version of it before running to the bank for dollars. By playing Book of Ra online for free, you’ll get used to the interface and you’ll get a knack for comparing and analyzing strategies, before moving to the real money play.

Book of Ra Wins

Over time, many lucky winners got to enjoy very large prizes because of this game. One of the biggest wins registered not long ago was from a player in Poland, who won $90.000 after a $45 turn. The winner landed on 3 scatter symbols, which opened a bonus round with 10 free turns. These turns were then reopened two additional times, for a total of 30 free turns. The result was a $90,000 final win!


A player from the United States won it big about a month ago when he landed on a $20,000 total after a 180 points bet on $0.1 real money. The bet turned 3 scatter symbols and the Indiana Jones symbol on the screen. This led to a bonus round that finished in the above-mentioned win and a very wealthy bank account for the player.

Book of Ra Online Secrets

This game is one of the most beloved ever. It’s based on the legendary Ra, the Egyptian god of the sun. According to legend, the book holds secrets and spells that helped Ra fight and win the war against evil. The game has a simplistic structured, having 5 rows and 3 lines, a classic outline of slots games.

The paying lines are a key element to slots. These are the winning combinations that you have to look after. Book of Ra has 9 of these paying lines. Only active paying lines can bring up winnings in slots. You need to bet on every paying lines in order to have better chances of winning. This game is one of the best-paying in the industry, but you need a lot of patience with it. Even if it’s not one of those games that pay at every turn, the turnaround is considered to be 92-94% for the player.

As far as special symbols go, the game has only one, the Book of Ra itself. This symbol is a wild and a scatter one at the same time, which can transform into another symbol or bring up a bonus round when there are at least three identical symbols on the screen after a turn.

The bonus round is famous for its colossal wins. You get 10 bonus rounds and a free scatter symbol which extends to cover more rows and to generate higher wins. If you get 3 extra Book of Ra symbols during the bonus rounds, then you get another 10 free turns. There are no actual secrets or tricks to make the Book of Ra win for you, the falling of the symbols on the lines being 100% by chance. If you’re trying to use tricks in order to win the game, be aware of the drastic rules of the online casino business and the charges that you might face.

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