The German legend of Faust has been transported to the virtual slots world by Novomatic and is now available to be played for you slots fans. Faust is a great scholar who is never satisfied with his conditions, so he decides to make a pact with the Devil in order to get some sinful pleasures. As with Faust himself, you will be the one who will make a deal with the Devil and indulge in this amazing game.

Spin Some Faust and Play with the Devil

Find yourself playing some Faust and Hope you can win.

The Deal With The Devil

The fact of the matter is, you rarely hear about an old German folklore legend being used as themes for a slot machine these days. With Faust, things are a little different. This man who decides to sell his soul to Satan himself, just for indulging in some Earthly pleasures, is simply a way too good to be missed story. The legend is also the subject of many amazing films and books, so it was only a matter of time before it was also transformed into a slots game.

You will get to familiarize yourself with the characters of the legend as you spin your luck on the reels. You have Gretchen, a beautiful, innocent girl who lives in the shadow of Faust, always bored and never pleased with anything, and then also Mephistopheles, the demon that Faust decides to sell his soul to.

The overall theme of the slot game might appear outdated, but the symbols the developers came up with will surely impress even the most demanding of players. When you land on a winning line or combination, these symbols coming to live will surely make you twitch and desire some more. The first time you’ll see Faust giving you an awkward smile, forced out of his mind, you’ll understand why he had to make the deal with the Devil.

Legendary or not, the slot machine that envisions Faust’s story is taking you back to the roots of it, with the diverse symbols that are close to the narration of this timeless piece of German folklore. You’ll get flasks and vials of different chemicals, which are an interpretation of the scholarly work that Faust was doing at the time. Also, there is a symbol depicted by a superb goblet for wine, and also a delicious-looking apple and a sublime rose, among other symbols.

How to Play Faust

The online version of the slot has 10 paying lines and is laid out on 5 total reels. You can opt to have anywhere from 10 down to just one paying line if you’re feeling extra lucky on a particular day. For the most online casinos, the minimum amount you can bet is 4 credits, but you can go as far as betting 1000 credit score on one hand.

As soon as you are done with setting up your bet, you are simply ready for your first deal with the Devil. Spin away and say your prayers as the reel develops and lands onto your first winning combinations. Land on 3 or more playing cards and you can win up to 150 times the bet you set on the specific payline.

The Scatter Symbol of the game is the Mephisto Devil. 3 symbols with his head will get you 10 Free Spins, regardless of where they show up on the reel. Before the end of the bonus round, you’ll get a symbol that is randomly chosen to become an Expanding Scatter.

Land on 5 matching symbols like the food or the chemistry set, and get your line multiplied by 750. Also, 5 Gretchen symbols will instantly get you rewarded with 2.000 in credit score on the specific line, and so will 5 Devil symbols. And finally, don’t forget about Faust himself. Land on 5 of his faces and you’ll get to win 5,000 times the amount you bet on. Yes, you can win up to 5.000.000 in credits if you bet on 10.000 when you landed on the most wanted combo of the slot.

Please be advised to never play more of your money that you can afford to lose while gambling, regardless if you’re doing it online or offline. If you feel like your simple pleasure is turning into an addiction, seek professional help immediately.

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