Real Money Slots

Simply put, real money slots require a money deposit from the player in order for you to get a “seat” at the action table. You will find this term mainly in the online casino business, but you might also find it in the real world. While most free money games are used for instructional or practical purposes, real money slots are where the real stuff happens. After you pay with your real money and get your credit score, you’re on your own and you should be measuring and playing each and every one of your spins calmly and to the best of your abilities.

After receiving your credits, which are nothing but a virtual interpretation of money, you get to take part in the game and choose your favorite slot. Once you win some money and want to benefit from them, you can simply withdraw them back to your bank account. Besides slots, the majority of online casino games offer real money play, with classics like poker, blackjack, baccarat or roulette being among the favorites. You can also play bingo online at this time, but that’s for another article.

Make Your Real Money Deposit and Make a Strong Bonus

Real money slots explained

For explanation purposes, let’s say you decide to deposit $1000. Until you decide on what slot or other casino game you want to play at, the money will simply stay in your account as you deposited them. After looking around the offer of the casino, you will eventually decide on playing, say, Book of Ra, one of the staples of online and games. You can then simply convert $500 of your money into chips, tokens, credit or whatever the platform might call them, and start playing.

If you’re good at your game, we can assume that 30 minutes into it you’re up to $250, for a total of $750 in credit score. You might then decide to call it a night and leave the game. Automatically, the credit score that you won will be converted back into real cash, and you will see a total of $1250 in your online casino account, available for you to rather withdraw, partially withdraw or play at another game of your choice.

As a side note, the story goes like this: casinos decided to use chips or tokens or credit scores rather than showing the players their real balances while they play because people rarely associate tokens with actual money, making them eager to bet more and more.

Cash Play Slots

If any game is described as offering “cash play”, this simply means that as a player, you can pay or bet in cash, with the return being a direct cash win or lose after every spin. In the slot games world, the term “cash play” is differentiating between free versions and paid versions of the games. A lot of the online slots allow players to play their games for free at first, with a play money balance, or a virtual balance, a demo mode and so on. If the players like the game after their trial periods in the demo version, and don’t lose a lot of money, then they can move to the real money version. All wins and losses are virtual, so your money is safe until you have a clear picture of the qualities and the disadvantages of the specific slot and decide if you want to play with real money or not. All wins or loses are virtual too, so you don’t have the possibility to withdraw any money, but you don’t lose any either. In cash play slots, however, you bet real money and things get very real, very fast.

How to Play Real Money Slots Like a Pro?

There are three main things you should keep in mind when you decide on playing them for real money. Number one, you need to know the RTP. In short, each and every single slot available, online or offline, will set you up with a table of the different types of combinations of symbols and also their payouts.

Commonly referred to as the “slot paytable”, these combinations are what really make the difference between an occasional player, and a more advanced one. Understanding, not just checking out the all-mighty paytable when you start playing on a new slot is key for a fun, enjoyable and profitable game-play. Learn about the bonus features, the special symbols and so on and know what they do when they appear on your screen.

Number two, you need to understand the role of the paytable and the important part it plays in the winning of real money for you. This RTP, or “Return to Player” is the most vital piece of information you need to be familiar with in any slot. Basically, RTP shows you just how much money that you put into the slot game will eventually get returned to the betters.

Let’s say a slot has a 96% RTP. That means that for every $1000 that goes into the slot machine, virtual or physical, the turnaround will be $960. This is, of course, a relative number, sort of speak, as you can have amazing sessions in which you can win hundreds of bucks with a $100 bill, but also bad ones in which the slot will give you nothing for a long period of time.

Third and finally, you need to let the losses go. This is more of a psychological thing, rather than a gaming one, but it’s very important. The biggest mistake players do when facing a payless slot is to raise their bets in an attempt to win their money back. Even if you’re successful in triggering the bonus rounds, the game will probably still not pay you back, so you’re better off not chasing the losing slots.

If you really want to continue, just do it normally with the bet you’re on and stick with it until the end. When the bonus finally comes, let luck play your chances and see how much you can win out of it. If you’re constantly adding at your bet, you’re only going to help yourself lose faster and destroy your bankroll.

As with any games that encourage you to spend more money than you sometimes have, please be advised when starting to play real money slots or any other type of online casino games. If your passion or the thing that you do starts feeling like an addiction or is causing you financial stress, please seek professional help immediately.