Scatter Symbols

The Scatter Slots Symbol is your best buddy when it comes to slots, as it opens up a lot of bonus rounds and other features which will bring you a ton of fun, but also wins as well. You might be familiar with other special symbols that need to line up on one pay-line or appear in a special way on the spin. The scatter just has to appear in order to trigger a bonus feature and nothing else! These symbols are usually the ones that pay the best in any slots game. They are always represented by a certain sign, unique and in conformity with the game’s theme.

The First Scatter Symbol

If you’re an avid player of slots, chances are you are familiar with the famous Red Cherries, the original scatter symbol of all time. Appearing on the traditional fruits machines back in the days, the cherries were introduced as a bonus and had a very special feature: they were never restricted, as the other symbols on the reels were. To win, you’d have to align certain symbols in the middle of the reel. The cherries could’ve appeared anywhere and still grant you with a win. Although small, these winnings could get really big, should more than one red cherries symbol appeared on a spin.

In the modern day slots era, the ways players use the scatter symbols have changed. Developers are continuously coming up with innovative ways for the gamblers to use these symbols. The ultimate goal is to engage them in a better, funnier and more productive game-play.

Explaining the Scatter Symbol

Usually, you get to win credit score when you are able to match more than three of the same symbols on the same winning line across the reel of the game. If you get scatter symbols in your slot, it matters less where they land on your reel, as they simply don’t need to land on a pay line, but just appear and nothing else.

When this happens, you can get a return on your bet and also a multiplier, but the value of the overall win depends on the number of scatters you land on the specific spin. Although some brick and mortar and older fruits machines carry them as well, scatter symbols are mostly a commonly available special symbol within the online slots.

For example in video slots, the scatter usually come with bonus features. Probably the most famous is the Bonus Round the scatter triggers. If you land on 3 or more scatters at once, you’ll enter a bonus round for a chance at winning extra credits. There are also other types of scatters, like Wild Scatters, Multiplier Scatters or Expanding Scatters, which can trigger free spins, better odds or “picking and winning” side games. In order to get more familiar with these symbols, you should definitely check the pay-table portion of your slot before you start playing.

How do Scatter Symbols work?

For the majority of slots, there’s a certain minimum number of scatters that have to appear in order for a feature to be unlocked. Again, you have to check the pay-table of the slot you’re about to play for the exact specifications. The player that lands on the required number of scatters will eventually get to play the feature, be it a bonus round or some free spins.

In regards to the slot games you’re playing, the features the scatter symbols bring up are always going to be different. Many scatters that show up are simply going to pay you for a winning combo, and nothing more. This is common with simpler slots, which don’t award any other bonuses or side events outside of the scatter or wild symbols payments.

Are Scatter Symbols common all around?

Scatter symbols are a common feature on the 5-reel slot machines. Still, there aren’t many 3-reel slots that feature scatters and their bonuses for their players. Also, scatter symbols are common in games that offer progressive jackpots, but also in 7-reel slots, bonus games slots and basically all of the other types of slots you can think about.

Identifying the Slot’s Scatter Symbols

If you want to look after what scatters are featured in a certain slot, then go to the pay-table of that slot. You can access the pay-table from the game-play screen, by clicking on its icon. Once you get to the pay-table, you’ll find the many features of the slot, including symbols, bonuses and other elements that are vital for a good, productive game.

Learning about these symbols from the paytable is extremely important before you start playing any slots game. Only if you do this, you can once and for all understand the mechanics and the potential winnings of the game, by getting familiar with terms like Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Rounds and so on, and how they individually work. Also, you’ll learn about the different combinations that turn into winnings, and how to trigger them by combining the individual signs and symbols into paying combos.


Let’s take “Hawaiian Treasure” as an example, the masterpiece from Ash Gaming. Here, the Tiki Mask is the Scatter of the game. Land on three of them after one spin and you’ll get to play a Bonus Game, which will lead you to great prizes in credit score, which transforms into cash after you decide to end the game.

In “Cricket Star” from Microgaming, the scatter symbol is the White Cricket Ball and has a much bigger significance than the scatter in the previous example. If you land on 3 of the white balls, you’ll get to play 10 Free Spins, in which your credit score stays the same and can only get bigger if you land on winning combinations. Also, 4 scatters will get you 15 free spins, while 5 will award you with 25 free spins. The wins you could get from so many free spins are sometimes ridiculously generous. Always look for the best scatter slots and your gaming may be better off.

In conclusion, make sure you get familiar with the scatter symbols of any slots that you’re about to play. As always, do play only money that you can afford to lose while gambling. If you need professional help because you feel like you’re turning your passion into a bad habit, seek it immediately.