Launched back in 1996, Swedish company NetEnt (Net Entertainment) is the world’s most renowned supplier of online casino games in the world. There is no exaggeration here, as this company is the absolute leader when it comes to online slots and other casino games that millions play online every single day. More than 300 online game rooms run on NetEnt slots, spread around the world.

The main attraction of the developer is the popularity of its games, some of them being among the most played slots in history. Why are NetEnt games so successful? Besides the amazing graphics, it’s all about the high payouts and the fabulous jackpots! These are the ones which make players come back for more.

High Payouts and Record Jackpots

The most famous game from the NetEnt bag of wonders is Mega Fortune, because this game is responsible for the winnings of two of the biggest jackpots ever won in an online game. The first is the 11.700.000 Euros jackpot won by a Norwegian player in 2011. He only played on a 0.25 Euros bet when he got his hands on the immense jackpot. The second was awarded to a Finnish player in 2014, who won no less than 17,861.800 Euros.

Online slots have a payout rate, or RTP of 89% to 94%. NetEnt slots usually go way beyond that, offering a Return To Player of 96% to 98,5% off all of their deposited funds. These payouts are regulated and supervised by third party companies, which have the sole role of making sure the game-play is correct and these are not just fake numbers for a marketing scheme. Unlike most games providers, NetEnt made all of their payouts available to the public. For all of their 120+ games.

Facts and Figures

In 2016, NetEnt’s gaming systems handled over 36 billion gaming transactions in 2016. Moreover, the company now has over 1000 talented employees from around the globe. Today, they serve over 170 of the world’s most prominent online casino operators. The total number of games they offer is 200. And growing every single year!

Starburst is one of our favorites. Be sure to check it out when you sign up.

New Games

So why is it that NetEnt is the developer that enjoys the most popularity among online casinos and players? Their secret is the continuous expansion of their offer. Net Entertainment releases new games on a monthly basis, mostly video slots, which are the most popular on the interwebs these days.

Another factor contributing to NetEnt’s popularity is their innovative ways of thinking, always coming up with new game features and new bonuses and secret games and everything they implement in new releases. Also, they are basically the pioneers of touch games, which can be played on the iPhone, iPad, Android devices or any other mobile devices out there.

Lastly, NetEnt is the creator of “NetEnt Live Casino”, a piece of software which allows players to enjoy a live game, with a real person as croupiers or dealers, from the comfort of their homes. The connection with the dealers are kept via a live streaming video that show them in real time, and allows the players to bet in real time as well.


The slots are the most popular products by the NetEnt developers. The offer is always extremely diverse and almost all of their slots are popular, because most classic slots now have a jackpot feature to them, which is one reason enough for players to want to play them non-stop. Currently, over 100 slot games are available from the Swedish developer alone.

Video Poker

There’s no online casino nowadays that has no video poker. NetEnt offers an array of video poker games for its players. You can play anywhere from one to 100 hands at the time in one playing round, which is crazy and probably not very common, but nevertheless, the features are there for the enthusiasts. The other features, like the possibility of doubling on your wins when you make a profit, but also others, are a plus for some of their poker games.

Responsible Gaming

Focusing on fairness, player protection, and security, NetEnt’s games are all designed with the idea of responsible gaming in mind. The players are customers at the casino they decide to play the developer’s games. Although the company has no direct contact with the end users, they still have responsible gaming high up on their chart of things to keep in mind when they’re developing a new game. This is vital not only for the industry, but also to maintain a sustainable business out of creating new games.

“For us, online casino gaming is about thrilling entertainment, and NetEnt wants everyone who plays our games to be over the legal age limit* and to do so for the right reason – to have fun”, is one of the mottos of NetEntertainment.

NetEnt created Self-Exclusion, a feature for players experiencing difficulties in controlling the amount of time and money they are spending on playing one of their games. They can request temporary or permanent freezing of their account to the casino at which they are playing one of their slots or other games. Typically any funds that the players has on the account will remain on it, or can be withdrawn manually to the chosen payment method upon request.

As with any online casino games that you might play, be aware about the signs of a possibly addictive habit, and stop and seek help immediately if you find yourself in this situation.